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About planning and setting goals

I never had a complete plan for my life. I wrote down important appointments on the calendar, made lists for moving and traveling, wrote separate lists of tasks for different areas of life in telegram notes, phone notes, excel spreadsheets and even on leaflets. Everything worked as long as it was important and interesting. But then everything was forgotten, lost and found many years later, when it was no longer relevant.

It became clear that living without a plan for life is wrong. Without a plan, you don't know where or why you're going. Therefore, when I was 32 years old, I plunged into a crisis of self-awareness and began to look for answers to questions:
- Who am I?
- Where I am?
- Why am I here and doing what I do?

To begin with, I read Maxim Dorofeev's book "Jedi Techniques" and began to ask myself these questions in relation to work tasks. The work process went much faster than before. Understanding exactly how to set goals and lead a plan in order to fulfill it and at the same time move forward did not come immediately, but gradually. Some plans were swept aside, others worked, but everything was not perfect.

And finally, I made such a work plan that gathers all the tasks together as conveniently as possible and clearly answers several questions at once:

Why and what are we doing?
- What benefits do we bring to business?
- How long do we do this?
- What is done?
- What is the next step?
- When?

But more about that later. Having made a working plan, I realized that the structure can be applied to a plan for life so that nothing is lost and life begins to go where I want, and not where it turns out. I remade it for personal tasks, highlighted the main life focuses and entered the plans that I still have. Every time I add something to a table, I ask myself why I'm doing it.

I will not show all my plans, but I share the structure with examples of personal tasks and comments so that it is clear how and what I enter, and you can easily make your own life plan in a convenient format. You just need to copy the table to your Google Drive and write down all the tasks that you remember. Well, get into the habit of using this table.

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