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During the moment of my silence on the blog, I wrote all sorts of things and none of them were published. None of them were completed. I write something, I save it and I hope that I will return to these records in better times. But this often does not happen and all records gather dust. I'm starting to get interested in something else.

I started a blog to share my opinion, experience, knowledge with people, but at the same time I write to the table and have not published anything for a month. Why?

Main reason: I couldn't handle my inner perfectionist and critic.
I also have depression, which creates a lot of problems for life and work, and which entered the acute stage with the return from Thailand.
I say this openly because depression is normal and treatable.

But these are not excuses, but all just an excuse to work on yourself, asking yourself more questions and working with a psychotherapist.

This job, the antidepressants, and the book I started reading, The Unchained Mind by Stephen Hayes, gave me the opportunity to face my fears. I haven't stopped being afraid. I just began to analyze my fears and realized that these are just thoughts that tell me to stay in my comfort zone. But in fact, this is a zone of discomfort and the inner critic simply prevents me from developing. Enough.

I still think marketing is not the hottest thing in the world right now. But this is what I can and what I understand.
Well, developing in marketing is impossible not to develop as a Person. So this is a human blog. About life, marketing and me.

I no longer want to write to the table and bring articles to an unattainable ideal. I am ready to speak openly and honestly with myself and everyone who will read me. I am ready to share my experience and improve in the process.

Hello again. )

Do you write to the table?
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