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About the movie "Upgrade" (2018)

The slogan of the film: "Not a human. Not a mashine. Something more"

The main character lives in a world of technological future, where a hacker attack on an unmanned car leads to the loss of a young wife and leaves the guy paralyzed. In order to restore the motor functions of the body, he agrees to the inventor's idea and artificial intelligence is implanted into him underground. And the hero starts walking. And talk to the machine embedded in it. And then the most interesting thing begins.

The film was shot before the invention of Chat GPT, but as close as possible to it, so parallels come to mind by themselves. Well, the AI itself in the film acts in the same way as it was created in our world: it collects data from the Internet, has dialogue functions, self-learning. Only in the movie he was still given a human body.

The very idea of the confrontation between humanity and machines is far from new. The Terminator or the Matrix is the first thing that comes to mind. But this movie has a great ending, for my taste.

I will not revise it, but after watching the picture for a long time and thought deeply about my role in the changing reality. If you like exciting stories full of action, drama and moral and psychological dilemmas, Upgrade will definitely interest you with its bright and tough story.
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