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Hi everybody. I'm a Jedi. This is written in my profile, but today I want to talk about what it means. How my working days and weekends go. What tasks I solve at work. What is included in the Jedi training program and how I rest after.

I work remotely in the IT-agency company. My position is really called "Jedi", but in fact it is an Internet marketer with advanced functionality: to launch advertising, and distribute tasks, and improve the conversion on the web-site, and communicate with the client, and speak at conferences, and then also sell my services. This title of the position inspires me, and it has become one of the advantages when choosing a place of work, in addition to a cool professional team that knows how to work and enjoy life. All positions in the agency, except for Jedi, are called traditionally, but there are also "Fairies", these are girls who work in the employee care service.

I can work from any place in the world, with only one restriction — time zone. But now I'm sitting with a computer in Kazan. I live with two wonderful cats, and no one bothers me except them, so I feel comfortable at home.

On weekdays I wake up around 8 in the morning. I pet and feed the cats, put coffee to boil. While it boils and traditionally runs away on the stove, I go to the shower. I drink my morning coffee on the balcony with a view of the trees, the village at the end of the city and the forest rising in the distance near the horizon. I pet cats.

Around 9, I pour a second cup of coffee, open my laptop and sit down to work in a comfortable chair in the room, at a table in the kitchen or on a sofa on the balcony. The choice of location depends on the mood and weather. I work according to the Pomodoro method, concentrated, for 25 minutes. During this time, a special program blocks all notifications on my phone and starts an audio track of the sounds of the night forest, or the noise of cars in Times Square.

At the very beginning of the day, I check my mail, work chats, answer small questions. Then I open the advertising statistics and analyze the profit, plan fulfillment and other indicators. I check the weekly task plan and set priorities, depending on the project statistics. I give priority to those tasks that can bring the greatest result in increasing sales for the client.

Almost every day in the morning I have meetings with the team or a senior Jedi. We also check our plans on them, think over what to do next and how exactly. And we also joke, discuss personal affairs, vacations, movies and books. I was lucky with the team — we quickly found a common language and the guys actively help me adapt to the agency.

On Mondays, the dream team and I present all the results to the client and also discuss plans. Actually, we discuss plans a lot.

And on Thursdays I have calls with the lead Jedi, where we analyze the learning process and solve various issues that I have had during the week. At the very beginning of my work at the IT-agency, an impressive training plan was drawn up for me, based on the knowledge I already had. It contains useful books, courses and articles on the competencies that I need to improve in marketing. At first, this plan caused horror and despair, but the books I read according to the plan in six months made a completely different person out of me.

At some point, I felt the Power of the Jedi. This is a metaphor, of course, but I began to see the tasks from a different angle, on a larger scale. Small tasks from the client now turn into A/B tests and other task pools. Also, the training helped me in many ways to better plan my work and personal time, set clear goals and stop being afraid of mistakes and big lists.

Somewhere at 2-3 o'clock in the afternoon, after all the calls, I do yoga. Then I cook lunch and eat watching different videos on YouTube, sometimes in English.

Finished with that I keep on working. My main task on the project is to increase profits for the business which advertising I manage. After 6-7 hours of work, I have 2 hours to study.

Besides work tasks and self-development, I have many hobbies. Among them – walking, cycling and horseback riding, lightsaber fencing with friends, chilling in cafes, reading books and, of course, petting cats.

Starting this job, I began to use my free time better, my vacation became more intense and varied. After all, when you work a lot, you need to rest a lot and do it productively. Otherwise, you can either burn out or burn out.

I usually go to bed at 10-11 pm. I try to keep a sleep schedule so that the brain thinks at work, and does not ask to sleep. I sleep, of course, with cats.

That's it for me. May the Force come with you! If you have any questions, I will be happy to answer.

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