There is no magic button. There is only work and its result.

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I am constantly being overtaken by advertisements with courses on anything from scratch. All these courses are united by the fact that they all promise a salary of 100k and life in the Maldives after graduation. And the fact that after them you will be torn off with your hands by customers and advertisers.

And I also quite often get acquainted with people who, after learning what I do, start asking me to teach them everything I know in a quick week. And these people don't believe me at all when I try to explain that it doesn't work that way and in a week I won't be able to explain anything to them at all. And after explaining that I have been doing advertising on the Internet for 10 years and not yet in the Maldives, they start looking at me from high and go further to look for the magic button. Maybe I'm not the coolest specialist. But I do not know a single person who would become a cool specialist in a week. It's years anyway.

And then there are managers and entrepreneurs who expect that a month after the launch of advertising they will start rowing millions, but they expect this from advertisers or marketers and are not at all ready to work themselves or at least implement what experts advise them to increase sales. They believe that every marketer in the advertising cabinet has a button: Reduce costs, bring a million orders per day.

I'm tired of explaining to everyone that it doesn't work that way. Write an article to send all these people here and explain nothing more.

To all the people who want to find a magic pill so that they have everything right at once and a lot of money, I say: THERE IS NO MAGIC BUTTON!

You can buy and take a course, but it will not make you a sought-after specialist. A lot of practice, a lot of work on yourself, the ability to communicate and sell yourself will make you a sought-after specialist. And lots and lots of work. A lot of work.

I or any other specialist can tell you some of the chips of the week's work. But, firstly, no one will do it for free out of the kindness of their hearts. Secondly, if you do not develop in the profession yourself, it will not give you anything at all, no matter what level the specialist does not explain to you.

You can find a cool marketer, but... if you have a terrible website and an uncompetitive product that you like, and you are not ready to change anything, a marketer is unlikely to help you. Rather, a good marketer will look at your business and just run away, deciding not to even explain anything, because it's useless.

If you really want to become a cool specialist, earn a lot of money or just capture the market in your niche, start working on it. Hard, step by step, every day. See what you are missing for your goal. Find free knowledge on the Internet to begin with. Learn everything you can reach. Start asking questions. Courses can also be useful, you just don't need to think that after one course everything will change. Everything will change only if everything is systematically changed.

This also applies to people who are being divorced by scammers who promise to multiply money just like that, because they have a super scheme that no one else knows. Ask yourself the question, why are scammers trying to help you, and not using these schemes themselves? Yes, because they don't work. But the scammers are working and rowing loot.

What to do? To begin with, you will have to go through all the stages of grief from the absence of a magic button in the world. And at the adoption stage, you can already go and start working.

May the Force be with you!
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