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My impressions of the film “Hacksaw Ridge” 2016


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In short: a religious pacifist volunteered for the war

The film received 6 Oscar nominations. My thoughts about him are confused, but I decided to post it anyway.

The main character believes in his beliefs and is ready to defend them in the face of universal disapproval. Moreover, he is really ready to defend his homeland and volunteered. The film contains a lot of reflections on God and religion in the conditions of war.

I understand why they wanted to remove him from the army so badly. This is a destabilizing element. But is it really impossible to show a little creativity and support the guy. Although, probably, the army is not the place where you need to be creative. It can really cost someone their life there.

I don't know if I could defend my beliefs like that. Are my beliefs that strong?

As a result, he was taken into the army, because otherwise there would have been no film. And in the fight Desmond Doss proved that he is a real hero. Although I'm not ready to kill. It's cool that he was recognized. It's cool that he didn't just talk. But if he had died in the first minute of the assault, no one would even have noticed. There would be an ordinary story about a guy in the war, only without a weapon, who disappeared there and was forgotten.
In general, war is terrible, even when you know it's a movie. The film perfectly shows the depersonalization and intentional dehumanization of the enemy.

The scene in the attempt to learn the way, where Smithy is sitting over a dead friend on a rock, and everyone has gone down, is amazing.

There are a lot of intertwinings with the biblical theme even in the frames.

It's terrible when killing people becomes a daily chore. I can't even imagine how these people can enter society later. PTSD and alcoholism in general are not so bad, relative to the same thing, only with mutilation. Without legs and arms. After this, it is impossible to live an ordinary life, build a family. When you see this battlefield. When you kill and maim people, and try not to give you the same answer. How then to take the children to the garden? Go to the office for work? How to be friends if all your friends died in front of you? This is what the story of the protagonist's father tells about.

It's amazing that this man could. It's amazing that he survived and returned to his beloved. What a pity that there are not many like him. How sad that many stayed there, and many broke down after.

The picture is based on real events and that makes the story more incredible. When after the credits you see a real person, an old sergeant, who is crying, telling about it, it becomes scary. It comes to an understanding that even after so many years, it is not possible to forget what you have seen once.

And the movie is very beautiful. Despite the theme, the frames are built so harmoniously that they can be cut into posters without looking. The cast and acting are excellent, I have never doubted any of the characters during the film. Music, dialogues, plot, script. I've already spoilered everything, but in fact it's impossible. I advise you to see it with your own eyes.

The film has a worthy place in my heart. Despite the fact that this story is a rare exception, which is why it was removed.
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