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I often hear from friends and acquaintances that they are very worried about paying with a card, since the same state will see all transactions. And social networks are also scary — telling them your real name and posting photos is not good, since everyone can find out about themselves. Or here's a taxi — they know where and where you're going, and where you live. And that it's not right that buying something online is sometimes cheaper than in a real store.

Some of these people are trying to encrypt on the Internet and, if possible, pay in cash. Others continue to worry and enjoy the benefits of civilization. But the most interesting thing is that all these people have phones and computers with Internet access.

So, guys, calm down. All of us have been closely monitored from satellites for a long time, our data is collected and they know everything about everyone who has the Internet, up to their favorite type of porn. And they even listen to our conversations offline. Recently, Yandex officially admitted that their Alice does this. The rest simply won't admit it. And this is not a conspiracy theory — this is a modern digital reality. A foil cap won't help.

What if you don't want to be followed?

· Throw out all devices with internet access or turn off the Internet. But, in my opinion, disabling the Internet will make the devices almost useless.

· Just don't use the phone either — communicate in person, and make sure that there are no gadgets with the Internet nearby.

· Do not start bank cards. If you have already started, then terminate the contract and preferably change your name, surname and place of residence.

· Go to remote villages or forests and build a dugout. The cities now have video surveillance.

And now seriously. If you are reading this article, then you are clearly not ready to give up the Internet. So what to do in this case?

· Accept reality: we are being watched, data is being collected, conversations are being listened to, phones are listening to ambient sounds, search histories are being stored, correspondence is being read.

· Learn to live with this reality. If this scares you, then you should talk to a psychologist. If reality changes and they stop watching, then it will be a terrible cataclysm and you are unlikely to survive. Progress cannot be stopped.

· Learn to use the opportunities and make these systems work for yourself. Grocery delivery is super convenient, especially when the weather is not very good. A taxi sometimes saves you from being late for important meetings. Advertising on the Internet, adapted to your interests, gives super cool offers. And Alice can turn on the music from the voice control when you just wake up and make your day a little more pleasant. And in general, the Internet is a storehouse of useful things, the main thing is to learn how to search.

· Do not violate the laws of the country in which you live. If you are not satisfied with something — change the country. Well, or violate them without tracking devices in the woods. But I wouldn't recommend it. After all, respect for others gives a faint hope that you will be answered in the same way.

· Study the aspects of digital protection of your information, if you have something to protect.

· Do not tell incomprehensible people on the phone your data, passwords and other confidential information. Especially the employees of banks and the police who called you on their own. If in doubt, you can always drive up to the department and clarify.

· Worry less, take care of yourself more and enjoy life. And buy yourself a bright hat instead of a foil cap.

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