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I read “Harry Potter and the methods of rational thinking” here (the novel is beautiful, but more on that later). And after that, she came down with a fever and decided to review all the Harry Potter films.

I grew up on these novels. At the time of the first film, I was 11 and I had already read Tolkien, Ursula Le Guin and Aisimov. But I still watched the movie with delight. And all the subsequent ones, too. Harry Potter was and will be one of my favorite fantasy.

Therefore, all thoughts are of a research nature and I do not want to somehow detract from the merits of J.K. Rouling. I would take off all my hats in front of her.

My questions and thoughts are not addressed to the author, but to the heroes of the book. At the same time, all the heroes of them have the right to make mistakes and that's what makes them so alive. And certainly, without these mistakes, such an amazing story would not have happened.

But in general it would be easier if the methods of rational thinking were used in Harry Potter.
Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone

It is immediately clear that Hagrid cannot be trusted with children. Leave the boy at the train station, etc.

No, seriously. Did you place the Philosopher's Stone as bait for Voldemort and set up protective spells for the freshman to pass? Mm. So Dumbledore just set it up?

And does the director hire staff at all?

Why, if they start killing unicorns in the protective forest, don't you strengthen the security, investigate this case? Not by the students.

In general, I had a lot of questions to the headmaster of the school and the parents of magical Britain. For example, how have they not all died so far?
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

If an elf comes to you and says there's a conspiracy against you, why not report it to McGonagall or the director? At least after that elf tried to kill you with a bludger.

If the passage to the platform does not open, then can parents somehow inform, and not steal the car?

A squib guard at a magic school? Really? That's it? To a full school for the children of magicians? Cool.

The hair of the cat and the long-haired girl is different in appearance. They cannot be confused. Especially if the spell has side effects when turning into animals, well. I don't believe that Hermione could do this.

If you hear a strange voice that wants to kill someone, then attacks begin and something about a secret room and a monster from it. Wouldn't it be easier to tell one of the adults? I know Harry doesn't trust them because of the Dursleys, but Ron? Hermione? Not? This would solve a lot of problems and would solve the problem in a couple of weeks at most, not a year.

And who was left as Dumbledore's headmaster when he was deposed? Or was the school left to its fate?
Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

And how did Black escape from Azkaban? How?

In Hagrid's lesson, safety is at zero, but I think it's necessary to fire the teacher here, and not kill the hippogriff. You have strange laws and courts in Britain.

Lupin had a Map of Looters for more than one day, he was waiting for the full moon on purpose, right?

Didn't the Weasley twins mind that some lefty guy was sleeping in bed with their brother?
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

Security at the world Quidditch tournament is not very good.

The cup has been working for 17 years. You didn't set the restriction for nothing, did you? Just don't take Harry Potter into the game? Especially if you know that the cup was deceived by Confundus? Well? Not? Although Voldemort would have had to come up with a different plan, and maybe this year it wouldn't have turned out to be a cool story? And so let's let the children into the meat grinder, yes.

I had a dream, drew portraits, showed the director, recognized the younger Crouch and such both on.

By the age of 4, can the director build a more trusting relationship with Harry, not? Why do you send him all alone every time?

And how was Hogwarts introduced to the dude in the trunk, by the way?

Wizards put dragons on chains that can be broken. This was clearly intended. Well, no one was very surprised.

If the dragon had eaten Harry, he wouldn't have been resurrected. Mmm. And everyone is like this: let it fly.

Em. A magical community without magical tv?

The Dark Lords are always defeated by self-confidence.
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

To be honest, I didn't have any deep questions here. Whether it's the most logical movie, or it's difficult to get sick and think at the same time.

Hedwig, as always, in the heart.
Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

When the films were just coming out, starting with this movie, I stopped liking it. It seemed that the magic was gone. Reviewing them now, I understand that the children have grown up, just like me. And now the film has opened up and I got even more pleasure than from the first films.

Maybe there were some questionable moments, but it was so interesting and new to me that I didn't write them down.
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

When going to an enemy ministry, why not make yourself a little more of a revolving potion so that you can sip periodically so that the action does not end at the most inappropriate moment?

And why do you wear a medallion around your neck if it affects you so much? Maybe put it somewhere?

Magical Britain captured by Voldemort is too much like you know what. It's so painful to realize. Considering that I'm just a person.

Dobby, damn it.

Harry could have formulated better what he wanted from Hookhook. I spent it in the vault, as Harry asked. In general, to formulate what you need is a useful skill.

Many will die, but you will have to fight if you believe in something.

When a girl is hysterical, at most someone is offended. When the Dark Lord is hysterical, someone dies.

How much do you need to believe in the cause and how much courage does it take to be Severus Snow?

Voldemort was wrong that people weren't fighting for Harry Potter. They were fighting for a world in which unforgivable spells are UNFORGIVABLE, and are not used in first-year school.

And he also made a mistake in trusting the opinion of his servants, who are with him out of fear. Em. Probably it was necessary to check for yourself whether Harry Potter is alive or dead? Not?

Neville is my hero.

So many of those who immediately transgressed when it turned out that Harry Potter was alive could have killed the Dark Lord. He must have been asleep, right? It's a pity that coward is about everything.

Thank you to J.K. Rowling for this wonderful world and for hope.

Thank you to everyone involved in the creation of these wonderful films.

If you have any answers or questions, welcome to the comments.
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