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Our happiness director asked me to write a review about my work at the ITA-Agency back in April, and I still couldn't find the words. But you know..

And who else has a director of happiness at work? I have. And just having it makes me a little happier. And she also came to me and asked how things were going, what could be improved in my opinion. And I also know that she cares, because her task is to make the agency a dream job. I can already see positive changes in the agency, but I can't say that everything was bad before.

At the moment I have been working at ITA-agency as a Jedi (Performance marketer) for a year and a half. Even at the first interview, I realized that I definitely want to work here. After all, I was supposed to ask questions at the interview. And I received an unambiguous, clear and confident answer to each of them. Also with links where you can see more details.

Then there was an internship, where they told me everything, explained the goals and objectives, showed me documents where all the work regulations are painted. Everything was so complete, transparent and structured. No understatement.

And ITA-agency turquoise campaign:
“There is no usual hierarchy in turquoise companies, all processes are built horizontally. Departments, teams, and even individual employees work independently, and it's not hard KPIs and plans that bind them together, but more ephemeral things: values and goals.”

· The agency's values are completely aligned with mine. As with the values of my colleagues who work here.
· Colleagues on the project are interested in the client's business being successful and do so to be proud of their work.
· My leading Jedi is interested in me growing, developing and not burning out.
· All colleagues with whom I had joint tasks are as responsive as possible, eco-friendly, try and do cool.
· This is the first job in which I go on all vacations and they just kick me out on vacation. You can't take vacations with money, and this is a plus for a workaholic.
· Remote work is a plus, and the disadvantages are compensated by the opportunity to rent a coworking and joint trips.
· The equipment necessary for the work is provided.
· You can always say that you are tired and take a day off.
· The success of colleagues, their drav and energy — motivate and charge to get better every day. Better than any mitivating vidosika.
· Motivating cuddling bears

In general, this is not all the advantages of working in an agency. But this is not a sect, so about the cons.
There are also disadvantages, they are always there.

· Salary. She's not a penny, but I want more. But I came to the head and I was shown a clear plan of what needs to be done so that there is more. And I do. And I will. But even now, two cats and a trip are enough for life.
· There is a lot of work, and it is difficult. And constantly new. The work will never end. I also invent it for myself often and throw it on. But she's so interesting
· Hard. They are forced to learn and develop. Fiends. Go ahead.
· Not everything works out the first time. Pfft. It doesn't bother anyone here. After all, you try again and you succeed.
· They closed the office in Bali before I arrived. Not that I like Bali, but the idea of an office in a great place beckons me. And there is no office at all, we rarely see each other. But we'll fix it.)

So-so minuses turned out.

Would I advise you to go to work at an ITA-agency? Definitely yes.

Will it be easy? No. But you can always ask for help from the Power of Knowledge and a little magic from the fairies.

I want to develop further with IT-Agency. After all, working with smart people who want to do cool is very pleasant.

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