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Did you understand why development is so important and useful, or how a coach can help you?

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In short, because development turns me on.
And with the coach I:
· I realized why I like my profession, that I want to develop further in it and where.
· I learned to look for meanings and enjoy all work tasks.
· I admitted to myself my weaknesses in my work, chose the important ones for myself and threw up a plan for pumping them.
· I realized how cool my place of work is now and what magical colleagues.
· I found out that saving and financial literacy are different things and went to study.
· Suddenly I stopped looking for the meaning of life and found a way and values.
· I returned to my childhood dream and realized that I was one step away from it. At the same time, I realized how fulfilling my dream of becoming a writer will help me develop in my work.
· I looked at myself in the work with someone else's eyes and learned a lot about myself.
· I received a charge of cheerfulness and life became more fun.
· And many other useful things that will remain behind the scenes.

And if it's not short:

1) One way or another, we all grow up. From the experience gained, from the years lived and the lessons learned. Since birth. But if children have about the same experience at the age of 3, then by the age of 30 each person has very different experience and knowledge. As much as possible. At the same time, the thought periodically arises: “Why, was it possible? Wow! Why didn't I think of this before?”. And so one person by the age of 30 had 100 such thoughts for a conscious life and a mountain of failures and resentments, another had 1000 and each time something changed.

2) People are different and their goals by the age of 30 are completely different. Sometimes I can look at a person and not understand his motivation at all. I can't imagine what should have happened to me, for example, to go to the North Pole on vacation or hitchhiking in Russia. But such people exist, have a positive experience and get a buzz from it.

Everyone is different, but each person can be attributed to some social group on different grounds. Location, birth, family, attitude to life, faith, income, goals, profession, gender, preferences. For example: IT specialists, pirates, seal lovers, atheists. And that's fine. If you do not take into account mental abnormalities.

3) We are constantly going through some kind of crises. It used to be very difficult for me to admit that there was something wrong with me and I didn't know something. In any sphere of life. I cried every night for two years and didn't go to a specialist. Just because admitting to myself that this is not the norm and I'm making a mistake and doing something wrong was very scary. I didn't feel happy and didn't even admit it to myself.

And then I woke up and realized that I didn't like what was happening around me at all. That I live in hell and every new day does not please me. And I want to be happy. That I want the world and myself to be better and more interesting. After all, the world is so big, and I haven't seen or felt so much of the beautiful things that exist in the world. And if I can't influence some global things now, then I can start changing the world in my head and around me.

The decision to go to a therapist was what was needed. I accepted everything that had happened in my life before. I realized that asking for help is normal. I admitted that I don't know everything, I understand and I need to learn. Every day. Happiness is the way. Every day I can do a little better for myself. I can become more aware and learn to live in the moment. I develop critical thinking. I change my habits and established patterns of my behavior. I like it, and I smile more often. No matter what. And I'm learning to communicate with sentences.

4) I'm selfish. I want a lot of money, an interesting job, to live by the sea, wonderful people around, kind and smiling. And I'm kind. I want:

“Happiness for everyone, for nothing and let no one leave offended” – A. and B. Strugatsky.

That's cool.

But if I don't have everything I want right now, then I clearly need to change something in my behavior and thoughts. Start doing things differently. Try. In everything that does not suit. And start with the little things.

For example, I bought a white shirt for work. To feel like a cooler specialist. In my head, the image of a cool IT specialist necessarily contains a white shirt. A trifle. But if the shirt adds to my mood and confidence, it means it works.

It's just like in marketing. You're building a hypothesis. Checking it out. If you work, you scale up and move on. If it doesn't work, then it puts it off and you take the next one.

5) I also had a crisis and burnout at work. It got to the point that I was thinking of quitting Internet marketing and going far away to work as a stable boy on a farm.

This was not the first crisis at work. I've already tried baking cakes. And I tried to work with horses, and now I know that I am suitable for this job. But how to understand where it is mine and the same? And that I won't howl with horses in a month, without tables, searching for new sources of leads, a /b tests and stuffy colleagues (from a stuffy colleague with love).

And there are many other questions: “Who do I want to become when I grow up? Why do I need a job at all? What do I want from her? How do I understand how much I earn or not if it's always not enough? How to spend a salary without disappointment? And how much do I need to get to say enough? And how to understand that I am doing what I want?”.

In moments of past crises, I changed jobs. The last 3 times I have changed campaigns, developing in Internet marketing and looking at the business from different sides (a small client, a regional agency, an inhouse team with large budgets, an agency with top clients for millions). The desire to talk about horses and manure seemed strange after 12 years in IT and joining a team with people who share the same values with me.

This time I decided not to freak out and change the strategy and figure it out to the end. And the therapist asked not to make sudden movements. )) I discussed the problem with my colleagues and was advised to contact a coach.

6) A coach is a career psychologist. A person to whom you complain about work and express everything that does not suit her. The coach asks the right questions and at some point you say, “Bingo, here's the answer. I need to do A and B to get more pleasure from my work and more money.” You make a plan and run motivated to change something and it gets better.

The coach allows you to look at yourself from the outside and grow up with big leaps and bounds. Teaches you to get more pleasure from work. And since work is a big part of life, the pleasure of work brings more pleasure from life in general.

But you need to look for a good specialist with whom you will find a common language and understand each other. Just like with a therapist. Applying critical thinking.

7) I went to Yekaterinburg and Lake Turgoyak for a corporate party – 4 days in one place I saw very nice people. Cultured, well-read, smart, funny, intelligent. And most importantly — alive and joyful.

After I started working remotely, and then the pandemic, new people in my life sharply decreased. Especially those with whom you want to continue communicating. And here there are more than 30 new people at once and everyone has something interesting and useful to talk about. And they look like me – arms, legs, and not heads through the monitor. And my eyes are burning. We talked, shared the pain, came up with what to do about it, threw a plan.

And then I imagined that there were horses around. And they're so cool, but. You can't discuss a book, clients, design, creatives, new tools for promoting and making money for business with them. And not even horses to discuss.

And the coach and I have already painted everything that I need for happiness in my work and turned it from different sides. And at the corporate party, the puzzle came together. I'm not freaking out – I'm developing in marketing.

8) Yesterday we were sorting out why I need a working blog and found motivation to write to it regularly and constantly.

I want to blog, but I don't. I kind of understand that writing to the table will not lead me to the goal, but I continue. To get something, you just have to do it, but I don't. Although it's so simple.

I want to become a famous writer and have more money, opportunities, friends, information and experience (preferably positive, but how will it go).

I wrote articles, but I didn't enjoy the process for myself. And I didn't see the result, because after writing a couple of articles, you can't become famous without being a genius. It didn't motivate.

But now it has come to me that the writer is not the goal. This is the way. It's a lifetime. The path of trial and error and constant development.

I write for myself, improve my skills, understand something, structure my thoughts, improve my command of the word.

Everything seems to be simple and logical. But in order to reach these thoughts and open my wings, it took me a lot of time and experience of a lifetime and only 4 sessions with a coach.

And what is your career path?

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