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In the ads that I'm showing now in the ad it says: Discounts until 10.01! I change the date of the promotion once a week to the current one. We came to this variant of the USP with the help of a series of tests. According to the results, the current date in ads and on the site increases CTR and conversion on the site. 
But what about the mention of holidays? Do they affect it? Most likely yes, but you need to test it in practice.

Input data
  • Since we had the client's old results on a similar test on the May holidays, which increased the conversion, we decided to change the text in the ads and then compare the percentages with the previous period.
  • Comparison in absolute numbers is not relevant in this case, since there is a decline in demand for medical holidays. But the amount of data collected allows us to draw the right conclusions.

  • The reliability of the data was checked by the reliability calculator of A/B testing from Yandex.
  • It is not relevant to conduct a test using the classical a/b testing method, since the promotion is temporary and demand is low during this period. There may not be enough data for the a/b test.
  • The subject of the client in this case is not as important as the activity of competitor's marketers in the niche. I was lucky and competitors changed their ads only on the first working day of January. All the holidays we were the only ones on target requests with New Year's UTP.
  • The test results are relevant for my client and you may get different results, but I think the dynamics will be similar.
  • When comparing data from different periods, there are other factors that affect conversion, but they decided to ignore them. Dynamics are important for conclusions, not specific values.

  • Subject matter: a network of medical diagnostic clinics.
  • The region of impressions: Moscow and St. Petersburg.
  • Advertising platform: Yandex Search.
  • Time of the event: from December 30, 2022 to January 8, 2023.
  • Replaced the text of the USP in the ads:
The usual option: Discount until 10.01
The tested version: Discount all holidays / New Year's discount
  • Also, the stock counter on the website was temporarily replaced.
The usual version of the site: Action! Discount until January 10
The tested version of the site: New Year discounts all holidays!

Mention of a specific event:
  • Will increase the CTR of the ad → the CPC will decrease → CPL will decrease 
  • Will increase the CR on the site → will decrease the CPL
CPL will decrease → DRR will decrease
Increasing any of the conversions will be a good result. 

The results of the campaign are compared with the previous period from 20-29.12.2022 on search advertising campaigns together and separately by city.
  • CTR ↑ by 15 pp.
  • In St. Petersburg, the cost of a click is ↓ by 15 pp.
  • Volume of redeemable traffic ↑
  • Conversion ↑ by 2.5 percentage points.
Goal price ↓ by 12 pp.

The absolute data has been changed to comply with the NDA.

  • The test was successful → the client saved money → I wrote an article.
  • Mentioning specific events (holidays in this case) in the ad and on the site increases the attractiveness of the ad (CTR)  and has a positive effect on user decision-making (CP). 
  • We will repeat it on other holidays (March 8, February 23, etc.).

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