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A day without Internet and what it gave me

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Interesting thoughts followed from unfulfilled plans sometimes.

This time I didn't pay for the Internet on my phone, and it ended exactly before the trip to the border from Thailand to Malaysia. After entering the ferry, you can't buy a new SIM card anywhere. My number is unknown, it is not realistic to determine it without money in the account and a SIM card box. Wi-Fi on the way is only available at the hotel for the night. But by the time I arrived at the hotel, I was already very sleepy. The next day, from 3 a.m. to 2 p.m., I tried to sleep on the bus, then the ferry, and by evening I was back in my house.

I don't work on weekends. The trip promised to be pleasant — they travel like that, even if they are short and on business. I decided to enjoy the sea, nature and use the phone only as a camera.

The first day I didn't even notice anything unusual, but the next day I realized how much time I spend looking at the monitor. I work at the computer. I read and watch videos. Mingle. Browsing social networks. Watching the news. I watch movies and funny things for food.

I always thought that Internet addiction is not about me and I live a life. Mwahahaha. He swallowed me with his head and didn't spit out my bones. I am glad that everything is not so bad, because I still like to live.

It happened unnoticed. The Internet has become an integral part of my life for a long time. I'm used to being in touch, monitoring social networks and news, watching movies and listening to music there. Well, it's hard for an Internet marketer without the Internet. Familiar?
And I've been working at ITA for a year now and am actively developing.

Books and courses about learning say a lot of smart things. And by doing them, you can definitely become more effective. And if this is the fifth book in six months and each has thirty good tips that you need to follow regularly? And also work, basic needs, spiritual needs.

I am now in an amazing heavenly place and sometimes manage not to notice its beauty at work and on the Internet. And I also manage to often not notice myself despite the fact that I'm kind of in the first place on my to-do list.

And all smart books highlight this point as the main thing, and even explain exactly what needs to be done. And now the day is packed with plans to take care of yourself, and so on, and there is no time when you don't need anything.

And that it is not necessary to do this, too, a lot of places are written. I read, understood and continued to live on as I lived. I even brought new habits to life, but in general everything remained the same.

I'm too responsible, I want to do everything in time. But I often don't have time for something. Sometimes there is simply not enough energy for business, and given hyper-responsiveness, there is often not enough time for personal matters.
And in the hustle and bustle it is difficult to dramatically change the whole approach to life. Considering the fear of the psyche before the slightest changes.

Before this happens, you need to stop and understand which of the tips will really be useful to you personally. Without this, smart advice will never help.

A day without the Internet gave me an understanding of how important the moments are when you can be alone with yourself and just talk. To understand where you are going, who you want to be when you grow up a little more and whether these things coincide. Determine the global vector so that you do not forget to plan not only trips to Thailand, but also time to just enjoy them. So that on weekends there are at least a day that you don't even need to think about what is happening in the world, at work, with your loved ones. To be able to switch and assimilate the new accumulated information.

At the same time, the Internet is certainly a great thing. And I'm not going to give it up. I just realized that it is important to limit myself forcibly.

For the scary news you need to know. For important work and tasks that need to be solved. For fatigue and time when there is no strength for anything and you just lie and watch the news feed for the second hour — it's so easy to lose the very moment of life. I can spend at least one day a week putting my phone down altogether and using it only for photos. And now I know for sure that it will make me both more productive and happier.
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