A fairy tale to make people cry reading it

from neural AI

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Once upon a time there was a girl named Anya. She lived with her mom and dad in a small house on the outskirts of the village. They were very poor and could not afford even the most necessary things. Once Anna found a tiny doll on the street. It was crumbling and worn out, but Anna took it home and did everything possible to fix it, and it became Anna's favorite toy.

One day, when Anna was returning from school, she noticed that her house was on fire. She saw Mom and Dad trying to put out the flames, but they couldn't do anything. Anna ran into the house to save her doll, but she could not save anything. The house burned to the ground, and everything that Anna and her family had disappeared in the fire.

Anna and her parents were left homeless, without clothes and without food. They were hopelessly poor and no one helped them. Anna was very sad and often cried, missing her doll. But all hope was lost.

One day Anna heard about a strange man who can fulfill any wish. She decided to go to this man and ask him for help.

She began to wander through the forest, and soon she heard a voice: "Who is walking through the forest?".
Anna decided to answer: "I, I'm looking for a wizard. Maybe he can help me.
" "I'm here," a voice was heard near her.
Anna told all about her doll and how they lost everything in the fire.
"Good," said the wizard. — "I can return your doll or house, but you have to pay for it."
"I will pay, and I need a doll," Anna replied.
"You must pay the price of your tears," said the wizard, and with that word he disappeared into thin air.

Anna began to cry, feeling sorry for herself, her poverty and her evil lot. The more she cried, the more she began to realize that she had asked for the wrong thing. After all, her family lived on the street. This made her cry even more bitterly. Gradually, the tears began to slowly pass into the ground. And after many hours of tears, her doll began to revive. She became more and more bright and beautiful. The doll was resurrected and with it hope was revived in Anna's heart.

The wizard reappeared and handed the doll to Anna.
"And here's your doll. But remember that you need to appreciate everything in this world — friends, family and home. One doll won't replace them for you."

Anna realized that she didn't appreciate what she had. Hugging her doll, she also realized that tears and grief are part of life, from which there is no escape. But you can cry when something really bad happens. And the rest of the time you need to enjoy the present.
She returned home and began to live happily with her family and her favorite toy, never forgetting how important it is to appreciate what you have. Gradually, Anna's family also began to smile, looking at the happy girl who told them every morning how valuable and important they were to her. They stopped being discouraged, built a new house and everything got better for them.
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